1. Can I customize the services proposed online?

    We do our best to be flexible at all times. All the services proposed on this website are examples of what we do and propose. Each one has a different feeling and knowledge of the city, so if you have a special wish or request, we’ll be happy to talk about it with you!

  2. I don’t see the starting time / starting point of my experience.

    It is meant to be set just for you. As soon as you book the service online for the day you wish to book, we get in touch with you to confirm the meeting point and schedule that would suit you better. As all our tours are private, it will depend on you, your hotel and program! Please note it is important to start the tour on the agreed time. If you arrive later, your experience will be shortened.

  3. Can I join another group/family/couple to reduce the costs of the tour?

    We’re sorry but as all our experiences and tours are 100% private, you can not join other of our guests.
    If you are interested by a guided tour, please let us know which one and for which day, as we sometimes propose “public sessions” welcoming up to 9 guests.

  4. I sent a request through the website. What’s next ?

    We will send you an e-mail within 24 hours to acknowledge receipt of your request and ask more details if we need it to study a proposal. Depending on the complexity of the request, we send a detailed offer between the following 24 and 72 hours.
    Good to know: We do NOT book accommodation, flight tickets or insurances (you have to refer to a travel agency for those services), but if you want to ask for recommendations, we will share them with pleasure!

  5. Are tips included in my bookings ?

    In Spain, tips or gratuities are not included in any service, restaurant or shop. Those are only depending on your personal feeling about the experience and even if they’re appreciated, they are not an obligation.

  6. Do I have to expect any additional charge during my tour ?

    All our rates include the local 21% VAT. Unless specified differently during the process of booking, your Tour won’t include any personal expense, food & beverage, entry ticket to monuments or transfer/transport.
    We do recommend you to travel with an insurance at all times, but do not provide insurances for our travelers.

  7. How can I send the payment?

    The online payment platform is totally secured. The payment through the website works with credit cards (Visa & Mastercard). If you are booking by e-mail, we will provide a secure link from our website so you can make your payment online using your credit card (Visa or Mastercard). You can also send a bank transfer, to the bank account of the Insider in charge of your request. In this case, make sure to send a copy of the transfer so that we know it’s being processed and can confirm the booking of your service.

  8. When will I receive the confirmation of my booking?

    At the time of the confirmation of the payment, you will receive a complete document, summarizing all the services booked. We’ll come back to you within 48h to set together the appointments, meeting points, schedules and other practical information. There is no need to print your confirmation on arrival : informal presentations with your names will be enough !

  9. Can I speak with my Insider before my arrival?

    Once the reservation is confirmed, we will give you the details of your booking, with the presentation of the Insider that is available for you. We remain your contact until your arrival. He/she can be contacted per WhatsApp or e-mail from the day of the Tour, but we greatly appreciate to be your main contact at all times and stay available to answer any kind of questions!


Any doubt, any personal request: we are at your disposal.

Please write to us at: barcelona@my-insiders.com or fill up this form.

Thank you: we will come back to you shortly.