Delicious Barcelona !


    There are incredible chocolate shops in Barcelona. Pushing the doors of these chocolate temples equals a trip to heavenly delights! From the Ramblas to the Gothic quarter, from the Raval…

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      Barcelona’s real food markets


      In Barcelona as elsewhere, gastronomy begins on the markets. What a pleasure to walk in a traditional market, to enjoy its sounds and colors, the freshness of the seasonal vegetables…

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        Tapas & Wine our way !


        The whole world heard about the Spanish tapas. A simple way to enjoy small portions of hot or cold dishes, while filling your glass with a good local wine. Everyone…

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          My relaxed Bike Ride

          Healthy Time

          Barcelona is a city opened to the sea. This tour takes you through the Port Vell where history mixes with modernity, passing through the fishermans’ districts. Then you will head…

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            Running & Fitness

            Healthy Time

            The sun is rising and you are on vacation: But this is not the time to lay in bed, your Insider is waiting for you to treat you with an…

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