Visit (and enjoy) Barcelona with Kids

Combine Kids and Adults’ interests in the same program!

Coming with your Kids? Want the program to be fun for all of you?

Barcelona has a lot to offer, for all ages. We know that most of the workshops and kids’ activities are only organized in Spanish, but we still have many ideas for you to plan a good time for all the family : follow and share the local tips!

Plan in advance

Barcelona always has a busy agenda. Cultural exhibitions, artistic workshops in Museums, local folklore can be attractive, but they are punctual which means the soonest you know the dates of your stay, the best as you have the time to get informed and organized. Remember that when you book a tour with an Insider, you can ask us for personalizing it just for your family!

Cultural visits catching the interest of all ages

Many of the Insiders also have a family, which means they share the same worries at the time of planning their own family holidays. For this reason, we planned special tours for kids!

The tour centered on “Persons of Interest” presents the city through famous characters that the kids will probably have heard of : Pablo Picasso, Antoní Miró, the Romans, but also local characters that are important to Barcelona such as Antoní Gaudí, Sant Jordi, Santa Eulalia, Cervantes : it’s a good way to give a catching introduction to the city and its History!

For those with the craving for sweets, our Chocolate Tour is a great way to visit a historic area while tasting some sweet delicacies along the way. We could complete it with the Chocolate Museum or with a chocolate cooking class!


We also like to organize orientation games in English: during +/- 02h30, your family is in charge of solving a case or saving the planet! Doing so with a roadbook, a map and a compass (yes, a compass!), everyone enjoys the discovery of a new area.

Another way to visit and enjoy Barcelona, is to ride a bike! Cycling around the Barceloneta area for example is perfectly safe and really pleasant!

Because we think that ecology matters, we are also working on an ecologic workshop and an ecologic game to incentive kids to learn more about the importance of recycling and preserving the natural environment we have left. Ask for information, we’ll be ready soon!

Another important matter is to take care of yourself : for this, we have personal coaches and yoga teachers that are used to organize classes adapted for kids and teens! To play it fun, we could organize a Flamenco or Zumba session just for you! Don’t forget to book your personal photographer for bringing home unique memories of it!

Museums and Monuments of Interest for Kids

When travelling with kids, including the Aquarium, the Museum of Giants or the Football Stadium in your visits may be interesting! We think that places like Casa Battló, Park Guell or Horta Labyrinth are also catching and show a good example of creativity to young minds.

Open Spaces

The best way to enjoy Barcelona is going around and enjoy its open spaces: Parks like la Ciutadella or hills like Montjuic, are great to improvise a picnic, play a game while chilling…

Beaches are the best playground you can offer on a sunny day, and there are many others than the very quickly packed Barceloneta Beach. We will write a Post about it soon!

This article just gives some suggestions that we could adapt depending on the season, the age of the kids, their interests… Give your Insiders the charge of organizing your program, confirm it and start to relax: we will make our best to make you feel like a local family having a wonderful time in Barcelona!

We hope that this Post was useful to you, that you will comment it with some more ideas, share it with your friends & relatives : it will incentive us to write more Posts with good tips!


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